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Why Liquidate?

Liquidation is a turn-key solution.  A specialized dealer of office furniture comes in and offers you money for your excess inventory.  The dealer gives you money and moves, stores and sells your excess furniture.  Liquidation is  a quick and worry free way to go.  There is a market for used office furniture using a liquidator allow one to maximize cash for excess office furniture inventories for both large and small companies.  Liquidation is by far the quickest way to make money from office furniture assets.

When seeking to liquidate office furniture,
Smart Money's Diana Ransom reports, " Approach dealers that specialize in buying and selling" and "speak with a liquidation consultant who can also connect your with interested private parties or direct you to relevant auctions."

Buying Used Saves in Three Ways!

Buying used save three ways -- used costs less, good for the environment and...

US Office Furniture Liquidation Featured in

US Office Furniture Liquidators are one of the only local Hampton Roads liquidation companies.  With over 18 years of experience behind them they are the smart choice for managing your excess office furniture assets.